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AG Family Performance Guarantees

Here at AG Heating and Air Conditioning you’re more than a customer you’re part of our family.

AG is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience by improving the quality of life of our clients and their families through cleaner, safer, healthier and more comfortable homes. We create the ultimate peace of mind through unparalleled guarantees – in writing, that are unmatched in our industry.

AG Family Performance Guarantees Benefits:

  • Member will never incur any labor cost on any Repair or Maintenance EVER!
  • Up to 40% off IAQ Products and Accessories**
  • Priority Attention Scheduling
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty!

Family Performance 60–Point Bi–Annual Preventative Maintenance Includes:

  • Change and/or clean filters
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check temperature t–stats
  • Check temperature variances
  • Check for noise
  • Check for vibrations
  • Check exhaust fans
  • Check gas valve
  • Check gas piping
  • Visually inspect air ducts
  • Visually inspect air flow
  • Check condensers
  • Check high voltage wiring
  • Check low voltage wiring
  • Check attic insulation
  • Check drain pan
  • Check condensate pump
  • Check drain line
  • Check drain pan shut off
  • Check all supplies
  • Check all registers
  • Check compressor operations
  • Check for proper cooling
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check flue vents
  • Check high limit switches
  • Check low limit switches
  • Check heat exchanger for leaks
  • Check heat exchanger for damage
  • Check burners for damage
  • Burners for flame interference
  • Check for proper heating
  • Lubricate motors bearings
  • Perform CO test on heaters
  • Check all smoke detectors
  • Check all CO detectors
  • Check all other heating operations
  • Check all other A/C operations
  • Check outdoor sensors
  • Check indoor sensors
  • Perform water test
  • Check outdoor unit properly installed
  • Check outdoor unit properly level
  • Check indoor unit properly installed
  • Check indoor unit properly level
  • Check accessories properly installed
  • Check electrical panel secure
  • Check humidifier operation
  • Check humidifier drainage
  • Check electronic air cleaner
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check operation pressures
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check blower motor
  • Check contactor for pits and burns
  • Check fan blade for cracks
  • Check fan blade for defects
  • Test system for peak efficiency
  • Before summer season we take out the blower motor for deep cleaning

** After (1) one year membership

  • Angie's List
  • Lennox
  • Better Business Bureau
  • CSLB