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Attic Fans in Southern California by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Southern California gets hotter than you can imagine in the summertime, and homeowners rightfully focus their attention on air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool. But you can do more than that, An attic fan installed in the uppermost portion of your home can help ventilate the hot air and circulate the remaining air, which takes the strain off of your system and helps ease some of the costs of keeping your home cool.

That’s where we come in. At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been in business since 1989, and our expertise extends to attic fans as well as air conditioning systems. We have the skills you need to install a new attic fan in your home or replace an old one that has worn out, as well as keeping it repaired and maintained in the time between. If your air conditioner could use a little boost or you just want the air in your home to feel a little fresh, you know just who to call.

Rely on AG Heating & Air Conditioning for attic fan installation, replacement, maintenance and repair in Southern California.

Trust the Professionals for Attic Fan Installation and Replacement

Hot air rises. It’s a simple matter of thermodynamics. That’s why your Southern California home feels hotter on the second floor and in the attic, where all of the warm air congregates. It can drag down your air conditioner’s efficiency, as it has to struggle against that hot air in order to keep your home cool. The solution is to install an attic fan right in the area where the trouble lies. It can swap all that hot air out with cooler air from the outside, lowering the temperature in your home and helping your air conditioner do its job without expending quite as much energy. AG Heating & Air Conditioning can install a new attic fan in your home, as well as replacing an old one that isn’t doing the job anymore.

When You Need Attic Fan Repairs, We’re Ready to Go

Attic fans are fairly simple devices, and don’t usually need a lot of repairs. But when they do run into trouble, you can see the difference immediately. Your air conditioning bills may suddenly spike, your house will feel warmer, and the situation won’t change until you get it addressed. Furthermore, it makes no sense to scramble on top of your roof to fix the attic fan without knowing that you’re doing. Instead, call the professionals at AG Heating & Air Conditioning, who have been in business since 1989 and know how to conduct attic fan repair the right way. Give us a call and let us help you out!

Maintenance Means You Don’t Have to Worry

The best way to keep your attic fan working the way it should is to periodically schedule a maintenance session, either on its own or as part of a larger maintenance plan to treat the HVAC systems in your Southern California home. A maintenance session isn’t the same as a repair session, which is designed to address a specific problem. Rather, it takes care of all the little issues like lose bolts and lubrication on moving parts, to prevent further repairs and to extend the overall life of your attic fan. We’re standing by to help you, so contact us today to get started!

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