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Whole–House Fans in Southern California by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Few homeowners understand the connection between indoor air quality and heating and air conditioning. We often focus so much on controlling the temperature that we neglect the steps we can take to handle other issues, such as filthy air and excessive humidity levels. There are many steps that Southern California homeowners can take to improve their indoor air quality and one of the simplest and most effective is a whole-house fan, which can maximize your heating and cooling potential and help ease the strain on your HVAC system.

For over twenty-five years, the experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning have installed, repaired, and replaced whole-house fans in Southern California. We can go over your options with you, then perform an installation that sets your whole-house fan up properly. And if it runs into trouble, our trained staff can be there in a flash to make it right. Pick up the phone and call us today to get the process started.

For whole-house fans in Southern California, call upon AG Heating & Air Conditioning for installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Installing or Replacing a Whole–House Fan Makes a Difference Immediately

Whole–house fans are usually placed in the attic or similar centralized locale. When it runs, it pulls air in from the rest of the house and vents it through the roof. Since warm air tends to rise and become trapped in your attic, that makes it very effective in getting rid of the heat in your home, particularly if you open the windows in the cool of our Ventura Country, CA evenings. Not only does it help the house stay cool, but by circulating the air, it helps cut down on dust and other contaminants, as well as easing the strain on your HVAC system. They need to be installed by trained experts, however, which is where AG Heating & Air Conditioning can help!

Get Repairs and Maintenance Sessions Schedule Promptly

The main benefit of a whole–house fan is the way it makes your air conditioner’s job easier and costs you less money in monthly bills. When breakdowns occur, that savings stops, and if you don’t move quickly, you can experience a surprising spike in your monthly cooling bills. This is especially true in the heat of summer, which forces your air conditioner to work much harder than it should, particularly if your whole–house fan gets knocked out of commission. Not only can AG Heating & Air Conditioning make swift repairs to a malfunctioning fan system, but we can perform periodic maintenance to keep it running at its best.

We Have the Experience You Need to Handle Whole House Fans

At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that whole–house fans are part of a larger system, including the HVAC system and other indoor air quality products that must work in conjunction with each other in order to keep your home comfortable. That’s why we work with noted brands like Quiet Cool, and we cover all aspects of your whole–house fan’s life. Whether you need a new one installed, an old one replaced, or an existing one repaired or maintained, Southern California residents can always count on us. Call us today!

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