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A Burbank, CA Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Company

Since 1989, AG Heating & Air Conditioning has served the needs of Burbank, CA when it comes to home comfort. No matter if you need to have a complete new air conditioning and heating system installed in your home or you simply require speedy repairs for an AC that’s malfunctioning, you can count on our NATE–certified technicians to come through with high quality work. We are also committed to helping our customers with energy savings and environmentally–friendly installations. You can reach us 7 days a week to schedule work or have any of your questions answered.

We are your one stop for all your heating and AC needs!

We Offer Complete Air Conditioning Services in Burbank, CA

With the hot summers and warm weather the rest of the year, the homes in Burbank must have air conditioning systems to keep away the uncomfortable temperatures. And not just any air conditioning system: the heavy workload in Southern California requires a sturdy AC in the best shape possible. AG Heating & Air Conditioning is here to make sure that you have the finest air conditioner in your home, operating with no faults and at highest energy efficiency. We can handle all the services you may need for great air conditioning.

Upgrade Your Thermostats or Schedule Thermostat Repairs

The thermostat that runs your air conditioner (as well as heater) has a huge impact on how well you maintain comfort in your home and if you’re saving energy or not. If you’d like to experience improved energy efficiency and convenience, call us for upgrades to your old thermostat. We’re also glad to take care of any repairs that your thermostats need.

Consider Heat Pumps a Way to Cool and Heat Your Home

A heat pump can work as both an air conditioner and a heater, and they are very efficient in the weather in Southern California. We carry the best name brands in heat pumps so that when you choose to have one installed, you’ll know that you’re receiving top quality. Contact us to schedule installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance or any other heat pump service.

We Also Handle Commercial Air Conditioning in the Area

If you’re encountering trouble keeping your business properly cooled down and your employees and/or customers happy because of a faulty AC, just call our commercial cooling professionals. We are glad to see that you receive the repairs or replacements that you need for the most pleasant indoor environment. We provide comprehensive commercial AC services, from new installation to routine maintenance.

Call Us for All Your Heating Needs

Yes, Burbank, CA can experience stretches of cool, even cold, days. You can’t afford to go without a heating system in your home on which you can rely. If you’re looking to have a new heater installed, call AG Heating & Air Conditioning and let our heating experts find the right system, such as a gas or electric furnace, that will give your home exactly the comfort it needs. We are also available for fast repair work, routine maintenance inspections and tune–ups, and replacements of older systems.

We Have Great Services for Furnaces

The most popular type of heater across the country, and in Southern California, is the furnace. Furnaces are forced–air systems that raise the temperature of air by burning an energy source and then using a blower fan to send the heated air into a ventilation network. We work with the best brands available, and our repair technicians are here 7 days a week.

Are You Looking for Service for a Gas Furnace?

The furnace model that can provide the most powerful heating at the lowest cost is the natural gas furnace. You must always call for professionals when you need repairs or maintenance for a gas furnace—it’s a matter of safety. Our technicians are skilled with handling all work that a gas furnace may require, including new installations and replacements.

We Also Have Electric Furnace Services

An electric furnace is an excellent option for homes that do not have a gas line connection or for households that don’t like the idea of relying on natural gas. We’ll help you find the right electric furnace to serve your home’s heating needs. If you’re looking for repairs to get the furnace working again after it malfunctions, just give us a call.

We Offer Indoor Air Quality Improvements in Burbank, CA

Here’s a fact that you might find distressing: according to the U.S. EPA, homes often have air that is 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside. If you feel this is the case in your home, dial the number for AG Heating & Air Conditioning and ask to speak to our indoor air quality specialists. They can arrange for the filters, purifiers and other devices that will significantly improve the quality of the air in your house. Our technicians also provide duct sealing services to restore the integrity of your ventilation system.

Do You Need a Humidifier for Your House?

Dry air is frequently a problem during the year in Southern California, and the best way to deal with it is to have a whole–house humidifier integrated into the HVAC system. Our technicians are skilled at finding the right humidifier that will make your home more comfortable and healthy, but without make it too humid and creating a new set of problems.

We Have Air Purifier Services

To eliminate many of the contaminants that can circulate through the air in your house, an air purifier is often the ideal choice. Air purifiers use an electrical discharge to ionize particles in the air and draw them down to a pair of metal plates. A properly installed air purifier can remove odors, chemicals, smoke and other minute pollutants from a home’s air.

Call Us for Dehumidifier Installation and Other Services

If your home is too humid during the summer, it will make everyone in it uncomfortable and lead to you wasting energy on running the AC all the time. A dehumidifier placed into the HVAC system can solved this, and our technicians are happy to help you with this service. If you should ever need repairs or maintenance for your dehumidifier, count on us.

We Offer Many More Services

Home comfort depends on many factors beyond air conditioning, heating, and air quality. We make it our goal to offer great comfort solutions in different areas. This includes installing comfort controls, attic fans that lower the high temperatures at the top of the house to prevent it from seeping down to the rest of the rooms, and whole–house fans that offer a low–cost alternative to using the AC all the time. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about the other services we offer in Burbank, CA.

Insulation Improvements

Insulation in a home isn’t just something for places in the country where it gets cold during the winter. Insulation also slows down the movement of heat from outside a home into it, which will do wonders at preserving comfort on hot days and taking the strain off the air conditioner. We install and replace insulation that will give your home the heat sealing it needs.

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