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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in Carson, CA

Since starting business in 1989, AG Heating & Air Conditioning has become a leader in Carson, CA when it comes to providing top of the line air conditioning and heating services. We work with both residential and commercial customers, and dedicate ourselves to complete customer satisfaction on each and every single job we take on. In addition to our HVAC work, we also boost indoor air quality, install and service water heaters, and work with insulation and other energy–saving products. Our NATE–certified technicians are available 7 days a work for whatever you may need.

Make us your one–stop shop for AC and heating services in Carson, CA!

For Quality Home Air Conditioning, Contact Us

It’s a mighty big task, taking on the summer weather in Carson, CA every year. We know the sort of stress that your air condition system undergoes during the year, and you can always depend on us to keep that AC running—or help replace it with a new one. The technicians at AG Heating & Air Conditioning are also the people you need when it’s time to install a new air conditioning system. They’ll make sure that you receive the new model that matches your home’s specifics and will help save you money off your utility bills.

We Offer Complete Service for Thermostats

A faulty thermostat can spell serious trouble for your air conditioner, as well as your heater. It means wrong temperatures, energy waste, and possibly a system that won’t turn on or won’t turn off. We’re glad to help repair your thermostat, and we also install new high–tech units that will make it even easier to save money and keep your home always the right temperature.

Installation, Repairs, and Other Service for Heat Pumps

We often recommend that our customers consider installation of a heat pump for year–round comfort. These systems work as both air conditioners and heaters, and it only takes an adjustment on the thermostat to switch from one mode to the other. We handle all aspects of service for heat pumps, from new installation to routine maintenance inspections and tune–ups.

You Can Also Depend on Us for Commercial Air Conditioning

We are committed to helping businesses in the area keep cool during the heat as well. Our technicians have the training necessary to see that all the people in your commercial building are content and happy with the indoor climate. You should never turn to anyone except experienced commercial HVAC professionals when it comes to these jobs: always call us first!

Want Great Heating? Just Contact Us!

It requires a special balance of heating and power and energy–efficient performance to get the best comfort in Carson, CA. We understand this balance and how to find the ideal heating system to take care of our customers’ homes. It doesn’t matter what kind of heating service you’re looking for, all you have to do is call AG Heating & Air Conditioning and we will take care of it. We install, repair, replace and maintain a wide variety of systems, such as gas furnaces and heat pumps.

Find the Service for Furnaces You Need

Because furnaces are the most common type of heating system found across the country, our NATE–certified technicians are extremely experienced with working with them. The can provide a speedy replacement or new installation, find out quickly how to repair a malfunctioning one, or take care of a regular inspection and tune–up. Call us 7 days a week for furnace service.

Do You Need a Gas Furnace?

The gas furnace is the great work horse of the heating world: more homes have gas furnaces than any other kind of heater. You must never try to tamper with a furnace on your own, even if it’s a small malfunction. To stay safe, make sure that you call our skilled and licensed HVAC specialists. We’ll take care of the job, no matter what it is.

When You Want Electric Furnace Services, Count on Us

One of the great advantages of furnaces is that they are very flexible. Even if you don’t have a natural gas line, or you don’t wish to use natural gas to heat your home, you can have a furnace keeping your family comfortable thanks to an electric furnace model. Our staff is glad to assist you with installing and caring for an electric furnace.

We Offer Excellent Indoor Air Quality Improvements in Carson, CA

Low quality indoor air is unfortunately a commonplace comfort and health issue throughout the country. A large part of our job at AG Heating & Air Conditioning is seeing that our customers have the best air circulating through their home. To achieve this, we install products such as electronic air purifiers, mechanical air filtration systems, humidifiers/dehumidifiers and energy recovery ventilators that help bring in a fresh breeze without creating energy waste from your AC and heater. Call today to learn what we can do for you.

Humidifier Installation, Repairs, and More

When the relative humidity inside your home dips below 30%, the air is too dry. If you want to avoid discomfort and health issues (including chapped skin, dry eyes, and an increase in the spread of colds and flus), you will need to have a whole–house humidifier installed. Just give us a shout out, and we’re happy to do the job. We’ll repair and maintain the system as well.

An Air Purifier Might Be the Indoor Air Quality Solution for You

One of the best ways to clean your air of contaminants is to have a pairing of air filters and air purifiers in the HVAC system. Mechanical filters will stop the larger particles, while the electronic air purifier will do the job of drawing out odors, chemicals, smoke, and other minute nuisances. Make sure that you call on experts to find the right air purifiers and install them.

Beat High Humidity with a Great Whole–House Dehumidifier!

Nobody wants to deal with high humidity during a hot day. If you have a humidity problem in your house, it will also create water damage and encourage the growth of molds and mildews. The solution is a whole–house humidifier, and our IAQ experts are glad to talk about your options for one. Schedule service today for a more comfortable household.

There Are More Services We Offer for Comfort

Maintaining comfort and energy efficiency in a home is a complex task that requires a combination of effective HVAC work, indoor air quality products and thorough insulation. AG Heating & Air Conditioning handles all of these jobs, so if there is something you need to improve the quality of comfort in your home or increase household energy efficiency, you only need to ask us. We’re proud of the level of service that we provide to Carson, CA, and we would love the opportunity to work with you.

Looking for Insulation Services?

Insulation isn’t only for cold temperatures, although people often think of it in that way. Insulation is designed to slow down the movement of heat through convection and conduction, which means that during hot weather the insulation in your walls will prevent excess outdoor temperatures from getting inside. We offer the insulation work that your homes needs for year–round comfort.

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