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Air Conditioning and Water Heater Services in Downey, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Working with a new home services company can be scary, since you are never quite sure what to expect. But when you experience the quality workmanship, cleanliness, and excellent customer service that our technicians are known for, you’ll want to call us again and again for all of your home comfort needs. We offer air conditioning and heating installation and service. We can also add on a whole–house indoor air quality system, service or install your water heater, install an attic fan, and much more.

We are the only company you need to call for your home comfort and indoor air quality needs. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning today for HVAC services in Downey, CA.

Your Options for Whole–Home Air Conditioning

The conventional split–system air conditioner is a fine choice for new installation or replacement, but there are many other options available for homes today. This includes heat pumps, which can heat and cool with a single system and save homeowners a lot of money on monthly costs year round. There are also ductless mini split systems for those homeowners who don’t have a good set of ducts in the home already, but still want the comfort, efficiency, and convenience of a whole–home system. Call us for more information about air conditioning options in Downey, or to schedule service or installation.

Today’s Home Thermostats

Still operating your heating and cooling equipment with an outdated thermostat with a dial or sliding switch? It’s time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat for your convenience, comfort, and bills. We recommend upgrading when you upgrade your AC or heater, or whenever you start to feel that you want more from your home thermostat. Call our friendly technicians to get a new programmable thermostat today!

Why Today’s Homeowners Choose Heat Pumps

Typically, your heating and air conditioning systems are separate from one another, though they may use the same blower fan and the same thermostat. A heat pump uses the same technology as an air conditioner but with a few parts added in to move heat into the home, in a process that uses less electricity than systems than generate heat by combustion or electric resistance. Save money all year with a single high–efficiency system when you choose to install a heat pump!

When to Schedule Commercial Air Conditioning Service

We recommend scheduling service for your commercial air conditioning equipment as soon as someone in your building makes a complaint about the temperature or the performance of the AC system. No matter how small the problem may seem, it’s worth it to have a technician check it out in order to avoid a breakdown that interrupts your business. You can also schedule commercial HVAC maintenance with AG Heating & Air Conditioning each year to see that it’s working well.

Is Your Heating System Operating Safely?

Today’s heating systems are much safer than those of the past, but you should still have any problems with your heater checked by a professional technician as soon as you notice the issue. This is especially true if you have a gas heating system, as you want to avoid the rare possibility of a gas or carbon monoxide leak at all costs. Make sure that all of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly before the winter, and call your local heating specialists for a system inspection and maintenance visit in the fall!

How Furnaces Warm Your Home

Furnaces use a central duct system to supply air to the various rooms of the home. First, a heat exchanger heats up, either via electrical resistance (in the case of electric furnaces) or combustion of natural gas. Once it reaches a certain temperature the fan switch activates and allows the blower fan to suck in air from the home, blow it over the heat exchanger, and push the warm air into the ducts.

Why Choose a Gas Furnace?

The two most popular furnace options for homeowners in Southern California are the electric furnace and the gas furnace. Most homeowners who choose to install a furnace for their heating needs tend to select a natural gas system, mostly because natural gas is more affordable than electricity. While an electric furnace of the same size may be a lower price, and may even have a higher efficiency rating, it may still cost more to run due to the high cost of electricity.

The Benefits of an Electric Furnace

While most homeowners decide to go with a gas furnace, there are still many reasons to choose an electric furnace instead. For one thing, some homeowners do not currently have access to a natural gas line. Additionally, we don’t have to use our heaters very often in Downey, CA, so the energy bills might not get out of hand if your heater runs on electricity. Finally, many people feel safer with an electric heating system, since there is no chance of a gas leak developing.

We Are Your Indoor Air Quality Specialists

AG Heating & Air Conditioning can help you to find a solution to all of your indoor air quality needs. Maybe you have leaky ducts that keep you less comfortable and allow contaminants to enter your home. Perhaps family members with asthma or severe allergies need a whole–home solution for an excess of allergens in the home. Or you might be dealing with problems resulting from a lack of ventilation or an excess of humidity. Call us today to see improvements to your indoor air quality with a whole–home system or professional indoor air quality services in Downey.

Do You Need a Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

Temperature isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to your comfort. The level of humidity in the air can also have a major effect on the way you feel. Low humidity dries out your skin and your sinuses, and makes it difficult for you to recover from illnesses. High humidity makes you feel warmer, and it can cause mold or mildew to develop in the home. Call us today to get a humidifier or dehumidifier for your entire house.

Installing an Air Purifier

You might have seen small point–of–use air purifier systems sold in stores, but of course these are not effective in removing contaminants from the air throughout your home. As you run your heating and air conditioning systems, contaminants continuously cycle through your HVAC system, and your air purifier won’t be able to do anything about it. A whole–home air purifier that is installed within your HVAC system can make a major difference for your health and wellness.

We Also Provide Additional Services

We offer many more services that can help to keep you more comfortable at your home or business. We install and service all types of water heaters including tank, tankless, heat pumps water heaters, and even solar water heaters. We can add in some insulation so that you stay more comfortable throughout the year and so that your bills reduce. We also offer whole–house fans and attic fans. Just call AG Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more!

We Offer Insulation

Insulation is an important part of your home comfort all throughout the year. The proper levels of insulation can lessen the work of your heater in the winter and you air conditioner in the summer, preventing heat from moving in or out. For more information, get in touch with our insulation professionals.

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