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Air Conditioning and Water Heater Services in Hawthorne, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

You expect to have your air conditioning and heating systems available when you need them, but they tend to break down when outside temperatures are at their highest or lowest. You can expect fast service when you reach out to the friendly people at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We can diagnose the problem within the system with speed, and we will never try to push a costly solution on you if you don’t need it. Expect quality work with any repair or maintenance visit or when we install your brand new heater, air conditioner, water heater, or indoor air quality system.

We are experienced HVAC technicians providing excellent service throughout the Hawthorne, CA area. Call us today!

A Look at Air Conditioning Systems Today

Today, air conditioners have much higher efficiency ratings than they did just a decade ago. They are manufactured to use energy in an efficient manner so that your monthly bills remain as low as possible without having to sacrifice your home comfort. You can also choose between different types of whole–house air conditioning systems, including heat pumps, which can move the refrigerant in the system in reverse in order to transfer heat to the indoor air. For homeowners without ducts, ductless air conditioners allow for the same whole–home comfort without major renovations to the home.

Need to Install New Thermostats?

Call today to find out about how a new thermostat can save you money each month and make your life a little bit easier. Programmable thermostats can help to shave a lot of money off your monthly bills when used correctly. And you can even operate some thermostats from an application on your phone or tablet. We can upgrade your thermostats and see that they are properly positioned for efficiency.

What Are Heat Pumps?

The parts of a heat pump are not much different from an air conditioner, except that there are a few additional components that allow refrigerant to run in reverse. Not only can the refrigerant in the system remove heat from the air to keep you comfortable in the summer. It can also move heat into the air for your comfort during cold weather at a low monthly cost!

Our Commercial Air Conditioning Service

The commercial air conditioning specialists on our team do it all! We install new air conditioning equipment as well as replacement air conditioners, and we offer the very best brands with some of the highest efficiency ratings. We also offer routine maintenance services that help you avoid sudden costly issues as well as fast diagnosis and repair of any issues that do come your way.

Selecting a Whole–Home Heating System

Small space heaters don’t provide anything like the comfort and efficiency you can get from today’s whole–home heating systems. Today’s heaters are designed for high efficiency in order to protect the earth’s natural resources, and the energy savings get passed on to you when you upgrade an outdated unit. But there are a lot of options available to you, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless heating systems. It can be overwhelming to make a selection, so call our experts for assistance selecting the right one for your Downey home.

Furnaces Are Not the Only Heating Choice

Long after its invention, furnaces are safe and highly efficient, and they remain the most popular choice for home heating systems in the United States. However, these are not the only systems you have to choose from. A heat pump is a forced–air air conditioning and heating system in one. A ductless heat pump does not need any ducts, blowing out the air from individual blower units in the home. Learn more by calling AG Heating & Air Conditioning!

We Have the Right Gas Furnace for You

There are more options than you might expect when it comes to selecting a new natural gas furnace. The standard gas furnace turns on when the temperature in the home drops too low, and then it cycles off once the temperature matches the thermostat’s settings. But today, some furnaces have blower fans that operate at different speeds, in order to ensure that the temperature is almost never more than one or two degrees away from the preset temperature.

Who Can Benefit from an Electric Furnace?

Many homeowners without access to a natural gas line choose to install an electric furnace, but these may be an excellent choice for many homeowners. An electric furnace is safe and cost–effective. While natural gas costs less to use than electricity, Downey customers may not feel overwhelmed by their electricity bills since they do not have to use their furnaces so often anyway.

Eliminating Indoor Air Quality Contaminants in Downey, CA

You may think that the air filter in your home can eliminate most of the contaminants from your air. However, the standard home filter simply cannot trap the smallest of particles, which get through the filter as air is sucked into the HVAC system. You may need a supplementary system to get rid of such particles, and we have the right one for you. The indoor air quality experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning offer solutions for a variety of indoor air quality issues, including high and low humidity and poor ventilation.

Do I Need a Whole–Home Humidifier?

Humidifiers often come in handy in the winter, when the dry, cold air makes it difficult to get comfortable. Your skin is drier and your lips are chapped, and you may even notice that your illnesses last far longer than they do when humidity levels are higher. A whole–house humidifier is more effective at eliminating such problems than a small portable unit, so call our technicians to get one!

Should I Get an Air Purifier?

We think that most homeowners can benefit from having a supplementary indoor air quality system installed along with their HVAC systems, especially if family members have bad allergies or a respiratory disorder. A quality air purifier can help with problems caused by pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other common contaminants. Call us for more information about the systems we offer, or to schedule an installation.

Would I Benefit from a Dehumidifier?

Most people have dealt with the effects of high humidity, which makes the air feel even warmer than it actually is. High levels of water vapor in the air are common in Southern California, and you may have to set the air conditioner to a lower temperature than you normally do to feel comfortable. A whole–house dehumidifier can help you find relief without adding so much on to your bills.

More About Our Services

Are you looking for solutions to your home comfort issues? We install supplementary systems like whole–house fans and attic fans. We can also assess your levels of insulation and install more wherever it is needed. These services help you to get comfortable without adding on to your energy bills by helping you to use your heating and cooling equipment more efficiently. Learn more about energy efficiency and how to get your home more comfortable by contacting our home energy experts.

Do I Need More Insulation?

It can be tough to tell whether your attic, your ducts, or another area of your home does not have the right amount of insulation. Insulation materials have different R–values that show how effective they are at reducing heat transfer, which means you often cannot ensure that you have enough insulation just by looking at it. Instead, contact our insulation specialists.

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