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Air Conditioning and Water Heater Services in Inglewood, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

When you need air conditioning, heating, or water heater services, leave it up to the experts if you want the job done right. Count on the expertise of our specialists for any maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement. We have been in the industry for many years, and our company is gaining a reputation for fast, friendly service. AG Heating & Air Conditioning has NATE–certified technicians on staff who can diagnose problems quickly, and who can find solutions for your home comfort needs, including high energy bills, poor ventilation, or low indoor air quality.

Call our technicians today for quality service and find out why so many of our customers return to us again and again for installation or service in Inglewood, CA.

Does Running Your Air Conditioning System Raise Your Bills?

We recommend scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance each year in order to keep bills at a minimum and to maintain peak efficiency and performance. But if bills seem to have increased dramatically, there may be a pressing problem within the system that needs our attention. Alternatively, you may actually need a brand new system, especially if yours is older than ten years of age. A new high–efficiency unit should decrease your bills and may even keep you a little cooler.

How Programmable Thermostats Save You Money

Often, people forget to raise the temperature on their thermostats before they leave the home, resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills and worn–down air conditioning systems. A programmable thermostat can be programmed well in advance so that it readjusts automatically when you plan to leave the home for several hours, or while you are sleeping, resulting in energy savings.

Reasons to Install Heat Pumps Over Conventional AC

The main reason to install a heat pump rather than a conventional split–system air conditioner is that a heat pump is also a heater. With a single system, you get efficient cooling and heating, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of installing and servicing two separate systems. Heat pumps tend to save homeowners a lot of money over the years, which could offset the initial cost.

Who Should You Call for Commercial Air Conditioning Service?

We specialize in both residential and commercial air conditioning services, so you can count on us for all of your AC needs. Remember our name and give us a call whenever your air conditioning system breaks down. And call us for routine maintenance services that can actually prevent breakdowns. We also offer installation and replacement services, as well as supplementary services like thermostat installation.

Systems Available for Whole–Home Heating in Inglewood, CA

Furnaces are no longer the only options available to homeowners for forced–air heating throughout the home. Heat pumps also use the ducts to move heat to the air throughout the entire home. But they do so using less energy because they only have to move heat from one area to another, instead of using natural resources to generate heat—and they are air conditioners as well. A ductless heat pump is also an option. Installing this system involves mounting individual blower units up on the walls that move air and heat out to the rooms.

Advantages of Furnaces

Furnaces are cost–effective heating systems, readily available from most local contractors and effective in any weather. Moreover, you can choose a gas furnace with a high efficiency rating and notice a major improvement on your monthly energy bills, especially when paired with a quality programmable thermostat and if you pick one with variable speed settings.

Why the Gas Furnace Is So Common

Gas furnaces remain such a popular choice for home heating because the cost of natural gas is usually so much lower than the cost of electricity. Your gas furnace should last for well over a decade, and as long as you change the filter and schedule annual inspections, it is likely to encounter very few issues. If you are searching for a new gas furnace (or an electric unit) call us today!

Our Electric Furnace Services

While electric furnaces may not have as many potential safety concerns as gas furnaces, we still recommend that you schedule a professional heating maintenance visit each and every year. This can help to improve the state of your system, resulting in fewer repairs, better performance, greater efficiency, and even a longer lifespan. We offer this service, along with repairs, installation, and replacement.

We Can Help with Poor Indoor Air Quality

Inglewood customers often struggle to get the indoor air quality to meet their standards. But we can help by providing you with a system that can eliminate small particles and microorganisms that aggravate allergies and other respiratory issues. We also have systems that help you to achieve better ventilation. And we can install a system that raises or lowers the relative humidity in your house. Not only can AG Heating & Air Conditioning help to make you more comfortable; we can also help you to get healthier!

Reasons for Purchasing a Humidifier

Some homeowners choose to purchase a humidifier because their children seem to get sick far too frequently, or because they notice issues with dry skin, chapped lips, or trouble staying warm with the dry air. If this describes your household, we recommend installing a whole–house humidifier to get the problem under control completely, rather than a portable unit that only works in one area.

Need a New Air Purifier?

Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning to find the system that works best for your home. The whole–home air purifiers that we offer use a number of different methods to remove allergens and microscopic living organisms from the air. We can install an air filtration system that traps particles within the media, or an electronic unit that charges particles which then cling to the system. Or, get a system that uses UV light to sterilize the air.

Can a Dehumidifier Cool You Down?

While a dehumidifier does not actually cool down the air, it can make you feel a lot cooler by removing moisture from the air. Too much humidity is a common problem in our area, and it makes it difficult to keep cool since sweat does not evaporate from your skin easily. We install dehumidifiers so that you can get more comfortable and even feel as though the temperature has dropped, which may make you run the AC less often.

Looking for More Services for Your Home Comfort in Inglewood, CA?

We install and service more than just the heating and air conditioning systems that change the temperature of the air. We also have whole–house fans that help to improve comfort, as well as attic fans. Attic fans can get rid of the layer of heat that tends to form in your attic, and they do so without using too much energy. This way, your air conditioner does not have to work so hard. Additionally, we offer services for tank, tankless, heat pump, and solar water heaters.

How Insulation Helps Your Home

There are many different materials used for insulating a home, but they all have one thing in common: the ability to slow heat transfer. In the winter, this means that heat has trouble breaking through the barrier of insulation and leaving your home, so that you can stay warm and your heater can cycle less frequently. In the summer, heat won’t be able to infiltrate your living space with ease.

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