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24/7 Emergency Service


HVAC and Water Heater Services in Lakewood, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating, cooling, your hot water heater – what do they all have in common? The expert services of AG Heating & Air Conditioning! Our NATE–certified experts have helped both residents and business owners in Lakewood with their HVAC and hot water needs for years, and we can help you, too. We offer comprehensive services that include installation, repair, maintenance and replacement, as well as 7 days of regular business hours and 24–hour emergency service. What does this mean for you? It means that with a simple phone call, you can have a trained expert’s help for your HVAC system or hot water heater whenever you need it.

Call us today and explore your options for HVAC services in Lakewood, CA!

Let Us Keep You Cool with Expert Air Conditioning Services

Are you struggling to keep cool with a poorly performing air conditioning system? Do you have a new home that needs the right AC? Then it’s time to give us a call! Our NATE–certified pros can help you with all your cooling needs, from installation and replacement to repair and annual maintenance. We need our air conditioners here as much as we need air to breathe – it just isn’t an option. And there’s no reason to live with an air conditioner that doesn’t meet your needs when our experts are a phone call away. Let us help you stay cool in Lakewood with our comprehensive services!

Does Your Thermostat Match Your HVAC System?

It may not seem like a big deal, but having the wrong thermostat in your home can mean a loss in comfort and energy efficiency. We can help by installing a new thermostat in your home, or by making sure an existing one works as needed with our expert repair services.

Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning for All Your Heat Pump Needs in Lakewood

Are you interested in using a heat pump HVAC system in your home or business? Do you already have one but need experts for repair and maintenance? We are the pros to call! Heat pumps are complex devices that need trained professionals to work on them and we have those experts right here at AG Heating & Air Conditioning!

We Are Your Go–To Commercial Air Conditioning Specialists

Hiring someone inexperienced to work on your commercial cooling system is taking a big risk. Instead of going the risky route, go with the people you can count on for installation, repair, maintenance and replacement: AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We have appointments available 7 days a week and emergency service available 24–hours a day.

Do You Need Help with Your Heating?

Winter here in Lakewood may be milder and shorter than other places in the US, but that doesn’t mean you can go without a reliable heating system. Our experts work with gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps and ductless heating systems. Let us find you the right heating system for your home or ensure that your existing heater provides the warm air you need with expert repair and maintenance services. DIY is good for things like painting, but not for your heating system. Instead, call the pros you can count on: AG Heating & Air Conditioning.

We Can Handle All Your Furnace Needs

At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we work with both gas and electric furnaces. This means we can help you with installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of both of these types of systems, and we’ll do so correctly the first time around, every time.

We Are Your Gas Furnace Experts

A major combustion system like a gas furnace should always be handled by someone with the right expertise and training. Our NATE–certified pros have the education, training and certification needed to handle any issue or need you may have with your gas furnace in Lakewood. Call us today!

We Also Install and Service Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces aren’t any less challenging to deal with, but with the AG Heating & Air Conditioning pros on your side, you won’t have to worry. Our pros have years of experience working with electric furnaces, and we can help you install, maintain, replace or repair yours as needed.

Do You Need Help with Your Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of your indoor air is intrinsic to your comfort and health. If any part of your indoor air is off – ventilation, humidity levels and cleanliness of the air – you’ll experience difficulties. The pros from AG Heating & Air Conditioning can help with your indoor air quality issues by determining which one(s) you may need and installing them to work with your existing HVAC system. If you already use indoor air quality products, you want to make sure they are working optimally, and we can make this happen with our expert repair and maintenance services.

It Is Time for a Whole Home Humidifier?

Is your skin feeling excessively dry and itchy? Are you experiencing a sore throat, dry eyes and nose? Have you had nosebleeds? Then it is time to call us about using a whole home humidifier. Our pros offer comprehensive humidifier services, so let us help you relieve the problems caused by excessively dry indoor air.

Interested in Using an Air Purifier?

If you want to clean your indoor air using an air purifier, we can help. Our experts can help you install the air kind of air purifier in your home in Lakewood so that it works seamlessly with your existing HVAC system. Do you already use an air purifier? Then let us help it to keep running optimally with expert repair and maintenance services.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Are you experiencing problems with excessive humidity in your home? Our pros can help with comprehensive dehumidifier services. We can install, repair, replace or maintain your dehumidifier so that it properly removes the excess humidity from your home.

AG Heating & Air Conditioning Can Help with Your Insulation Needs

Insulation is a necessity for your home. Many homes do not have the right amount of insulation, or the insulation has become damaged and needs replacing. Our experts can tell you if your home has the right amount of insulation or if your insulation needs replacing, and we can install your new insulation so that you enjoy years of year–round comfort.

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