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We Offer Air Conditioning, Heating and Water Heater Services for Lancaster, CA

Whenever you are considering having work done for your home’s heating system, air conditioner or water heater, the company you should call on is AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We have served Lancaster, CA for over a quarter of a century, and during that time we’ve always made sure that we have satisfied customers who receive the highest quality work. Along with our residential HVAC services, our trained technicians are skilled with improving indoor air quality and helping with energy–saving services such as insulation. We even take care of commercial HVAC work!

Call us to schedule all of your air conditioning and heating needs in Lancaster, CA!

Our Air Conditioning Services Are Comprehensive

We know that keeping your home properly cooled through much of the year is a major priority for you. Believe us, it’s a priority for everyone at AG Heating & Air Conditioning as well. When you call us to arrange for a new air conditioning installation, a replacement AC, repairs or maintenance, you can relax knowing that we have the right people for the job. Our air conditioning technicians are NATE–certified and have extensive experience. Place your trust in us in Lancaster, CA, and we’ll come through for you!

Call Today to Arrange for Service for Thermostats

A thermostat is a small device, but it has a powerful effect on the air conditioning and heating of a home. An outdated thermostat will result in poor cooling power and unnecessary energy waste. And a malfunctioning thermostat can mean an end to cooling entirely! We will repair your broken thermostat or find the updated model that will improve your HVAC system.

We Install Heat Pumps and Service Them

A heat pump is similar to an air conditioner, except that a heat pump has the ability to change the direction that it moves heat so that you can turn it into a heating system when necessary. To find out more about heat pumps, or to schedule service to repair or maintain the one already working in your home, give our technicians a call.

Schedule Commercial Air Conditioning Services with Us

The last thing you want to occur in your commercial building during a hot day is to have the air conditioning system suddenly stop working. We’ll help prevent this with our commercial AC maintenance and repair service—plus we will get that broken–down air conditioning working once more. We also install and replace commercial cooling systems, so call us today.

We Have All the Heating Services Your Home Needs

The heaters in homes in Lancaster, CA don’t put in as much work as the air conditioning systems—but this doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore your residential heating system. To find the best way to keep your home warm when the cold weather arrives, call AG Heating & Air Conditioning. Our heating specialists will discover the best heater for your needs, or else they will take care of whatever repair or maintenance service your current system requires to keep doing its job.

We Install, Repair, Replace and Maintain Furnaces

We work with furnaces more than any type of heating system, which makes sense as furnaces are the most common residential heater found in the U.S. It takes significant skill and experience to handle the many types of furnaces, but our technicians are always up to the task. So no matter if you’re looking for a new furnace or want to keep your current one running, contact us.

Call Us for Gas Furnace Services

Never try to work on a gas furnace yourself. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal for anyone who isn’t a licensed professional to work on a gas appliance. The next time you need to have your gas furnace fixed, or when you’re in the market to install a new furnace/replace an old one, you only need to give us a call. We’re here for you 7 days a week.

Consider an Electric Furnace for Your Home Heating

Why should you think about using an electric furnace? Although not as powerful as a gas model, an electric furnace costs less to install initially and can often work for years longer. Electric furnaces are also good options for homes without a gas line or for households that don’t wish to use gas power for safety reasons. Call us for details or to schedule service.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Lancaster, CA

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your house may be as much as 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside it. What can you do about this? The first step is to call AG Heating & Air Conditioning and ask about our indoor air quality services. We can install an air filtration system and match it with an air purifier to remove airborne pollutants. If you have issues with humidity or dry air, we will install a dehumidifier/humidifier to balance conditions. We also seal leaky air ducts so that your HVAC system has the best energy efficiency possible.

A Humidifier Will Take Care of Dry Air in Your Home

One of the common indoor air quality problems that affects Southern California is dry air (below 30% relative humidity). This can be very uncomfortable, and it will even lead to dried sinuses and the easy spread of illness among household members. We can help: installing a whole–house humidifier will balance the humidity levels to what they should be for comfort and health.

Air Purifier Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Air purifiers are indoor air quality devices that use electrical power to draw out pollutants moving through the ductwork of a home. These purifiers are best used for minute particles that will slip through the mesh of filters. Make sure that you contact experienced professionals so that you have the right type of purifier matched with your home’s filtration system.

If You Need a Dehumidifier, Just Call Us

The opposite problem from dry air, excess humidity can often be an issue for homes. Instead of trying to overcome a stuffy home with your air conditioner (which will simply waste energy) let our technicians integrate a dehumidifier into your HVAC system. A properly sized dehumidifier will balance your air without making it too dry. We also repair and maintain dehumidifiers.

We Have More Services—Call Us to Find Out More

We take our job of providing comfort for our customers in Lancaster very seriously. That’s why we offer more than the standard air conditioning and heating services. If you would like better insulation for your home, or energy–saving devices like a whole–house fan or a set of attic fans, pick up the phone and call AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We will always try to exceed your expectations on every job we do for you. Make us your single stop for air conditioning, heating and other comfort services.

We Have the Insulation Services You Need

The insulation inside the walls of your house and overhead in the attics form a barrier against the movement of heat. This not only helps during cold weather, when it traps heat inside the house, but also during hot weather, when it keeps all that extra heat outside and spares your air conditioner from a great deal of work. Arrange for insulation services with us.

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