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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in Marina Del Ray, CA

Marina Del Ray experiences mild temperatures in the summer compared to the rest of Southern California. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our hot days, or need our air conditioners to function at our best. The same holds true of our heaters, which need to function as expected during the cooler months, and our water heaters, which we rarely think about until they conk out just when we need them the most. Residents of our city expect the very best in all things, and that applies to the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of our household systems. That’s why you should trust AG Heating & Air Conditioning, with the experience of over 25 years to fix your problems!

Install, repair and replace air conditioning, heating, and water heater systems in Marina Del Ray, CA with AG Heating & Air Conditioning.

Look for Early Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

Here in Marina Del Ray, the sooner you can spot a potential problem with your air conditioner, the faster you can address the problem and the less risk you run of serious damage. Generally speaking, anything out of the ordinary constitutes a sign of trouble: strange noises, reduced levels of cool air, unexpectedly high bills or low air flow. When you spot them, don’t try to repair them. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning instead and get the problem addressed the right way!

Thermostat Repair Issues can Affect Your Whole System

When your thermostat incorrectly reads the temperature, or turns your system on and off when it shouldn’t, it might not seem like a big deal. In point of fact, however, it can affect your whole system: air conditioner and heaters suffer excessive wear and tear when they don’t turn on and off properly, so call in a repair service to address those thermostat problems quickly!

Heat Pump Repairs Depend on the Right Service

When your heat pump runs into trouble, you want to get it repaired quickly. But that shouldn’t preclude just finding some company that offers general air conditioning repair. Heat pumps have specific components that differ from air conditioners, and without proper training, the wrong company is apt to create more problems than they solve. Instead, trust AG Heating & Air Conditioning with heat pump repairs every time.

Modular Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Save You Stress

The benefits of a modular commercial air conditioning system are many. Among the biggest? When one of the units fails, it doesn’t force you to shut down your entire system. You can keep it running while calling in a repair service, confident that the remaining units will pick up the slack. Considering the needs of most businesses, that can translate to a great deal of money saved on productivity and customer transactions.

Understand the Specifics of Your Heating System

Most homes in Marina Del Ray, CA rely on forced–air furnaces to heat their homes, but that isn’t the end of the equation. There are key difference between gas and electric furnaces that require a very skilled eye to understand. A quality heating company knows how to install, repair and maintain both types of furnaces, and keeps the specifics of each system closely in mind when conducting their work. AG Heating & Air Conditioning has handled heating installation and repair since 1989, so give us a call to solve your issue.

Listen for Odd Noises in Your Furnace

Many times, a repair issue with a furnace will announce itself with a strange noise that you haven’t heard before. It could be a humming, a rumbling, or even a hissing noise. The only key component is that you don’t recognize it as a regular part of your system’s functioning. When you hear it, shut down the system immediately, and call in a qualified repair service.

We Handle the Replacement of Old Gas Furnaces

When a gas furnace has run its course, it can be a tremendous pain to remove and replace. An enterprising do–it–yourselfer may be tempted to try it themselves, but you should never remove an old furnace without proper licensing and training. Not only could you damage parts of your home and make installing the new furnace more difficult, but you might harm yourself as well.

Electric Furnaces Should Be Installed the Right Way

An electric furnace relies on power from your home, which means you’ll need to set it up with your electrical grid in mind. A quality installation service will assess your home carefully and discuss your installation options with you, then perform the installation with precision and care. That way, you know it will function properly and you will reduce the possibility of repair sessions sooner rather than later. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning to install your electric furnace, then repair and maintain it throughout its life!

Assess Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Indoor air quality is as important as temperature control for homes in Marina Del Ray, CA but every home is different and each one will have its own needs. A dehumidifier may be important near the shore, while an air purifier may be more vital for a homeowner suffering from asthma. A good service will assess your needs and make recommendations based on your unique circumstances before conducting installation. That way, you can be assured of getting the system you need the first time!

Humidifiers Keep Dry Air at Bay

If you live near the shore in Marina Del Ray, CA, then dry air is often a problem. Dry air can be a byproduct of the salt and other corrosive elements. That can lead to cracked skin and dried sinuses, leaving you more vulnerable to colds and illnesses. Consider installing a humidifier in your home to keep those issues at bay.

Air Purifiers Are Smart Additions to Your Home

Regardless of where you live in our city, you want your air to be clean and healthy. Sea air can often contain bacteria and other contaminants and we’re constantly fighting the corrosive effects of salt. An air purifier can help you with that fight, as well as clearing out possible contaminants and helping your household air feel fresher and cleaner.

Install a Dehumidifier Today

Excessive humidity can be a problem around here in the summertime, and while your air conditioner can handle it in many cases, it’s not built for that kind of work. By installing a dehumidifier in your home, you can ease that strain on your air conditioner: lowering your energy use and reducing the risk of repairs further on down the line.

More Services to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more than a matter of household HVAC systems. It can involve attic fans, extra insulation, energy recovery ventilators, and more. In Marina Del Ray, CA, the specifics depend your unique house, which is why you need an experience service to guide you in the right direction. AG Heating & Air Conditioning has been in business since 1989, and we’re dedicated to providing high quality service to our customers. Contact us today to get the process started!

We Handle Insulation for Your Home

If your home feels excessively drafty, or too hot in the summertime, then the problem may be a lack of insulation. We don’t have many homes that are well insulated in Southern California, but it could benefit you a great deal to have some installed. The experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning provide quality insulation installation, so call us today for an appointment!

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