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Air Conditioning and Water Heater Services in Monrovia, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

We are the only company you need for all of your heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality needs! AG Heating & Air Conditioning’s experts have been in the industry for many years, so they are keen at identifying heating and cooling issues, assessing common indoor air quality problems, and finding the proper heating and cooling equipment for any home or business. We also install and service water heaters, including tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and units that are solar powered.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, showing up on time, and providing quality work at a fair price. Call today for HVAC installation and service in Monrovia, CA.

We Install and Service Air Conditioning Systems

This includes the conventional air conditioner, a split system consisting of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit and blower, as well as a few different options. Heat pumps, which look a lot like the traditional split–system air conditioner, also provide whole–home heating. Ductless air conditioning consists of an outdoor unit and individual blower units mounted throughout the home. We offer services for all of these whole–home air conditioning systems, and that includes new installation, system replacements, maintenance, and repair.

When to Upgrade Your Thermostats

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their thermostats when they replace their older HVAC equipment with high–efficiency heaters and air conditioners in order to get optimal performance and savings. But we recommend a programmable thermostat upgrade to any homeowner who is still dealing with an outdated manual thermostat, since using the programming settings properly can save you anywhere from 10–15% on your energy bills.

Heat Pumps Are Excellent Alternatives

Conventional split–system air conditioners are still the norm for whole–home air conditioning in Monrovia, CA, but the heat pump is gaining popularity among homeowners who don’t see the need to have a separate heating and cooling system. A heat pump can remove heat from the home, like a conventional air conditioner, or reverse to move heat into a home, even when temperatures outside are very cool.

Commercial Air Conditioning from People You Trust

Our technicians have plenty of experience on large commercial air conditioners of all sizes. That means that we can diagnose cooling problems quickly, and that we will see to it that your air conditioner is running at its peak after any service. We can locate the best air conditioner for your business with any installation or replacement, and help you take the steps to reduce your cooling costs.

Your Monrovia Heating Experts

For those cold winter days when your whole–home heating system just won’t seem to work, AG Heating & Air Conditioning can be there. Our NATE–certified experts offer fast service with a friendly attitude, and we will do what we can to restore heat to your home as quickly as possible, or to find you the right replacement unit. We are your go–to source for heating and cooling services throughout Southern California, whether that’s new installation, replacement, repair, or routine maintenance. Give us a call today!

Why Furnaces Are So Popular

Despite the wide availability of other high–efficiency whole–home heating systems, furnaces remain the most popular heating systems among homeowners in the U.S. Furnaces are cost–effective, and many homes are already setup to install them after construction. Today’s units are safe and effective, and you can choose between a gas or electric model, which means that nearly any home with ducts can have one.

Should You Go with a Gas Furnace?

If you’re deciding between an electric or a gas furnace, natural gas is usually the way to go. Electric furnaces are very efficient today, but the cost of electricity is still a lot higher than the cost of natural gas in most places. Gas furnaces are safe, reliable, effective, efficient, and ready to be installed in most homes, as long as you’ve got a natural gas line and a set of ducts.

What about an Electric Furnace?

But this doesn’t mean an electric furnace is not a viable option. In our area, most of us do not use our heating systems for much of the year, which means electricity costs may not factor into a decision as strongly as in other parts of the country, such as the East Coast. Electric furnaces tend to cost less upfront, and they may not encounter issues very often, especially if you schedule regular maintenance visits.

Solutions for Poor Indoor Air Quality

Are you worried about airborne allergens and their effect on your family members’ health? Have you noticed that the air in your home feels stale and stuffy, or that there is an excess of humidity in the air keeping you hot and uncomfortable? We have a solution for your indoor air quality. The systems we install can help to take care of the most common complaints about the air quality in homes and business throughout the Monrovia area. We’ve got systems that can target the worst contaminants and help you to breathe a little easier. Call to learn more!

Who Can a Humidifier Help?

Whole–house humidifiers are useful systems for any home in which humidity levels tend to dip below what is comfortable. Without sufficient moisture in the air, you might begin to notice that your skin is drier than usual. You may even get sick a little bit more easily, and find that it is difficult for you to recover, so installing a humidifier may actually be good for your health!

Types of Air Purifiers

The air filter in your home might not get out all of the contaminants that move through your HVAC system. Smaller particles don’t stand a chance against the air purifiers we install. We have devices that use ionization to charge particles so that they cling to another surface rather than circulating in your air. We also have UV light air purifiers to kill and sterilize microorganisms on contact.

A Dehumidifier Helps in Monrovia

High humidity becomes an issue for many homes in our area, especially in the summer when the temperature on the thermostat may not feel anything like the temperature of the air. Moisture makes you feel warmer because heat has trouble evaporating from the skin. Install a whole–house dehumidifier to improve your home comfort this summer by calling our skilled technicians.

More Services from Technicians You Trust

We install and service water heaters of many different brands and models, including tankless, heat pump, and solar water heaters. We also offer whole–home comfort products that you may not even know about. An attic fan, for example, takes away the top layer of heat that tends to collect in your attic so that your air conditioner does not have to work so hard. Want to learn about more ways to improve the condition of the air in your home? Just contact the friendly team at AG Heating & Air Conditioning!

Our Insulation Services

The average homeowner may not be able to tell whether or not there is sufficient insulation within their home. We can perform this assessment for you, and then make sure that you get the insulation you need to be more comfortable and save money throughout the year. Call us to get better insulation for your family’s comfort during extreme outdoor temperatures.

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