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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in Oxnard, CA

Since 1989, the homeowners and business owners in Oxnard, CA have depended on the quality HVAC services of AG Heating & Air Conditioning to maintain comfort and conserve energy. We offer complete HVAC services along with improvements for indoor air quality and a wide range of jobs for water heaters. We know that you have a choice when it comes to finding a contractor in the area, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to making our team the best choice to make. Our objective is to see that you have the finest in comfort and energy efficiency in your home or work environment.

We’re your one–stop shop for heating and AC needs in Oxnard, CA!

Our Air Conditioning Services Are Comprehensive

Summers in Oxnard, CA can be searing, and warm weather crops up throughout the year. Do you have a home air conditioning system prepared for whatever hot temperatures come your way? One way to know for sure is to contact AG Heating & Air Conditioning and speak to our AC experts. They’ll provide you with exactly what you need: a new air conditioning installation, replacing your worn down system, fast targeted repairs or a routine maintenance inspection to keep the AC ready for summer.

We Offer Thermostats and Thermostat Services

If your air conditioning isn’t working at the level that you think it should, perhaps the trouble lies in the thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat can spell trouble for an HVAC system in all sorts of ways. You can have our technicians examine and repair the thermostat, or you can have us replace it with an upgraded unit with extra features.

Installation, Repairs, and More for Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a comfort device that works around the year. It provides powerful air conditioning during the long summer season, and then switches over to sending out heat during cold weather. If this sounds like the sort of comfort system you want in your home, call our technicians. You can also schedule repairs and other services for a current heat pump.

We Provide Service for Commercial Air Conditioning As Well

If you’re a business owner, you don’t need us to tell you how vital a properly air–conditioned building is for continued success. You cannot turn to amateurs or professionals who lack commercial experience when you need AC service for your company. Our technicians are trained to handle the demanding requirements of commercial air conditioning, so always make them your first call.

Need Great Heating for Your Home? Give Us a Call!

We’re in the business of seeing that houses in Oxnard, CA receive the right amount of heating, without draining extra energy that will send bills through the roof. Count on AG Heating & Air Conditioning to see that your heating system is the right one and operates the way it should. Schedule a new furnace installation with us, or arrange to have that old furnace replaced. If you need repairs, our team is available 7 days a week. And our regular heating maintenance will take good care of the heater that takes care of you.

We Work with Many Types of Furnaces

When you’re considering a new heating installation, a furnace is probably at the top of the list. But what type to get? We’ll help you navigate your choices and land on the right model and size to manage your home’s comfort. Make sure that you only call on professionals if you furnace needs repairs or whenever it’s time for its annual maintenance check.

Need a Gas Furnace or Service for One?

The gas furnace has long held the position of the most popular type of home heater. The reason for this is that they offer immense heating power while costing less to run than electrical systems. But these furnaces can be dangerous if amateurs try to work on them, so only call on trained technicians like ours when you need installation or other services.

We Can Also Help with Electric Furnace Services

If your home doesn’t have a connection to a municipal gas line, you can still enjoy the convenience of a furnace thanks to the installation of an electric model. If you want to find out more about electric furnaces or arrange for service for one that’s already in your home, call us. Our NATE–certified technicians are trained to work on all types of electric furnaces.

We Can Boost the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Because homes have such strong insulation against the outdoor temperatures, too much air becomes trapped inside that will become stale and filled with pollutants. If your home suffers from this problem, call AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide indoor air quality services that will help you enjoy cleaner, healthier air. Some of the solutions we offer are air purifiers, air filtration systems, humidifiers and energy recovery ventilators. You deserve to have the best air for your household in Oxnard, CA, and we can see that you receive it.

Dry Air in Your Home? A Whole–House Humidifier Will Help!

When the relative humidity inside a home drops below 30%—something that often happens in arid Southern California—it will cause trouble with chapped skin, itchy eyes, dried sinuses (which will help illness spread faster), cool weather discomfort and damage to wooden surfaces. Let us install a whole–house humidifier that will balance indoor humidity and solve all these problems.

If You Need an Air Purifier, Call Our Professionals

Air filters are effective at trapping many types of airborne contaminants. But there are minute particles that can slip through, such as pesticides, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, smoke and odors. To counteract these pollutants, you may need to have our IAQ experts match your air filter with an air purifier. Trust to our skill to locate the ideal air purification system to meet your needs.

We Offer Dehumidifier Installation and Other Services

What happens when the opposite problem to dry air strikes and your home becomes too humid? Warm weather will be less comfortable, molds and mildew can start growing, and parts of the house may sustain water damage. A dehumidifier integrated into the HVAC system will balance the air and make your home comfortable again. Call us to arrange for this and other dehumidifier services.

Even More Services We Offer in Oxnard, CA

You only need to browse through our website to discover how many types of comfort and energy–conserving jobs we perform. AG Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to being a one–stop location for comfort needs, and that goes beyond just working with ACs and heaters. For example, we also install insulation, attic fans and whole–house fans, all of which will help elevate your comfort without placing additional stress on the HVAC system. To learn more about what we can do for your home, simply call.

We Have Insulation Services

A house that has good insulation in its walls and attic will enjoy superior energy efficiency all through the year. During the summer, the insulation slows down the movement of outdoor heat, and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. Then when the temperatures drop, the insulation will help keep heat trapped indoors, sparing your heating system. Call us for new insulation and insulation replacement.

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