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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in South Pasadena, CA

Few towns in Southern California get as hot as South Pasadena, CA in the summertime, which is why our air conditioners play such an important role in our lives. Winters see us easing off in our AC usage only to pick up our heating usage, though our nights don’t get nearly as chilly as they do farther east. And no matter what the time of year, we need hot water heaters to provide us with the basics of civilization: potable, hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. AG Heating & Air Conditioning has the skills and experience to treat any kind of problem with these systems, as well as installing and replacing them as needed. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

Trust the professionals at AG Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning, heating, and water heater services in South Pasadena, CA.

Know When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

With proper maintenance, your air conditioning system will last for many years, which is a big relief in a city as hot as South Pasadena, CA. But if it’s more than a decade old and experiences ever–growing problems, you need to think about getting it replaced. In particular, look for monthly bills that keep going up no matter what you do, and repair bills that come fast on top of each other, or just one repair bill that costs more than the system is worth.

Get Rid of Your Old Thermostat Today

The good thing about thermostats is that they last a long time. The bad news with particularly old ones is that they still rely on mercury switches, which means a lethal chemical in your home. If you have an old–fashioned mercury switch in your air conditioner, call AG Heating & Air Conditioning today to get it replaced the right way with a modern digital alternative!

Heat Pump Replacements Need to Be Handled Properly

Heat pumps combine the functions of a heater and an air conditioner, and as such they have their own special needs when it comes to replacing them. Make sure that when you’re ready to install a new heat pump in your home that you trust the installation service to do the job right, and that they have the expertise necessary to handle it the way it should be handled.

Commercial Air Conditioners Benefit from Maintenance

With a commercial air conditioning system, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. A breakdown could kill productivity in your employees and drive customers away, even if it gets fixed promptly. Instead, set up a reliable maintenance schedule with the pros at AG Heating & Air Conditioning, and stop big problems before they start!

Don’t Ignore Your Heating System in the Winter Time

Air conditioners are more important in South Pasadena, CA than heaters, since are summer are long and hot, and our winters short and mild. But that doesn’t make much difference in December and January, when temperatures drop and you need a heater to keep warm. The experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning have you covered with quality heating installation and replacement services. We repair and maintain all types of furnaces and heaters as well. Let us take care of your heater and it will take care of you this winter!

Furnaces Need Care throughout Their Lives

The name of the game with furnaces is getting high quality heat for the lowest possible price. That starts with installation, and ensuring the system is set up right. It continues with quality maintenance to keep the system functioning at its best and repairs for those hopefully rare moments when something more is needed. When the time comes to replace it, a new one can be set up properly and keep your home warm!

Gas Furnaces Need to Be Replaced Quickly

Gas furnaces are designed to run for a long time, but when their race is run, you need to get them replaced quickly. Old gas furnaces can leak fumes and pose other dangers, as well as spending excessive amount of power to do their job. When you’ve determined that your old furnace is ready to go, shut it off and don’t run it again until you’ve scheduled a replacement session.

Electric Furnaces Benefit from Maintenance

If you own an electric furnace, chances are it doesn’t see much use save in the cooler months of the year. South Pasadena can get very hot, which means our air conditioners see much more use than our heaters. An electric furnace, in particular, will benefit from a good maintenance session before you fire it up, helping to "shake off the dust" and perform at its best.

Indoor Air Quality Products Help Fight Off the Dust

The high heat in the San Gabriel Valley often comes accompanied by dust and pollen counts. If left untouched, that can drastically affect the quality of your indoor air, as can germs, bacteria and excessively high or low humidity. That’s why you need a quality indoor air control product to address those issues the right way. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning today to discuss your options and find the system that’s right for you. We’ll then install your new system with courtesy and care.

Humidifiers Can Be Installed Safely and Professionally

A whole–house humidifier is the perfect way to combat dry air in your South Pasadena, CA home. It collects water from a reservoir in a large wick, while a fan blows across the wick and into the ducts of your home. The system works great, provided a trained and licensed technician with the right experience takes care of the installation for you.

Need an Air Purifier?

An air purifier makes a solid addition to your home’s heating and cooling system: scrubbing the air clean of duct, germs and contaminants as it cycles through your heater or air conditioner. Contact AG Heating & Air Conditioning today to speak with a trained professional about your options. We’ll find the right air purifier, then set up an installation time that works best for you!

Use a Dehumidifier to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills

The little secret to the dehumidifier is that it does more than just remove excess moisture from the air. By doing that, it helps take the strain off of your air conditioner, lowering the bills and the risk of a breakdown which still keeping your air dry and comfortable. That’s no small concern in South Pasadena, where high humidity can make hot days even hotter.

A Good Technician Can Perform More Services in Your Household

Some problems associated with heating and air conditioning don’t have an obvious source: unexplained drafts, for instance, or rooms that never seem to get warm no matter what you do. The solution usually lies somewhere in your home’s energy efficiency levels, and the various unknowns that lie between the functioning of your heater, air conditioning and other key systems. Trust the experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning to handle problems like that: performing more services than simple repair or maintenance, and making sure your house is ship shape!

Trust a Professional with Insulation Services

Insulation can benefit any home in South Pasadena, CA, since we rarely have sufficient amounts of it. But don’t trust its installation to just anyone. Insulation can be ineffective if not installed properly, and you want to make sure you place yours where it can do the most good. AG Heating & Air Conditioning has the skills and experience to install your insulation right!

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