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An Air Conditioning, Heating and Water Heater Company for Thousand Oaks, CA

To fully enjoy life in Thousand Oaks, CA, you’ll need a house that has the best comfort systems possible: a powerful air conditioner, an energy–efficient heating system, and a water heater that won’t keep running out of its hot water supply too early. AG Heating & Air Conditioning wants to see that you have the best of all of these, and we provide the installation, repair, and maintenance services to see that you do. We offer more as well, including indoor air quality improvements (humidifiers, air purifiers, etc.), attic fans and insulation.

Make us your one stop shop for all your heating and AC needs in Thousand Oaks, CA!

We Have All the Air Conditioning Services You Need

We are serious when we say that AG Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive service for home cooling. Our technicians install and replace the top brands on the market, and we’re focused on helping our customers save energy with new ENERGY STAR–certified air conditioners. We have more than 25 years of experience assisting homes with staying cooling while saving money. And if you ever find yourself in need of air conditioning repairs, done fast, you can reach our repair technicians 7 days a week.

Do You Need New Thermostats or Thermostat Repairs?

The thermostat is a key part of home comfort, although its importance is often overlooked. But our AC and heating experts know exactly what thermostats need in order to run their best, so call us if you suspect your thermostats are letting you down. We’ll also upgrade older thermostat to new models with special features that save energy and offer additional conveniences.

Installation and Other Services for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are ideally suited to the temperatures of Southern California: powerful cooling for the hot summers and energy–saving heating for the mild winters. Call our installers if you’re interested in a new heat pump for your home. Our technicians are also here to provide routine heat pump maintenance services and to deliver whatever repairs your system may require.

Call Our Team for Commercial Air Conditioning

We work on air conditioners for businesses as well. This job takes a special level of skill and knowledge, but our technicians are more than up to the task. If you’re looking for a new system, they’ll find the perfect match for your commercial space. If you only need repair services, they’ll have the job completed fast and right the first time.

Our Heating Services Will Keep Your Home Warm

The cold season is usually a short one in Thousand Oaks, CA. But that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore it and get by with a weak heating system–or no heating system at all! No matter if you need to repair a broken heater, upgrade a poor quality one with an excellent new system, or install the first heater for a home, you can rely on the certified HVAC technicians at AG Heating & Air Conditioning to take care of all the work.

We Install Furnaces and Handle Other Services as Well

If we had to guess what kind of heating system you have in your home, we would always guess furnace. These heaters are everywhere because they are powerful, flexible and dependable. We have years of working with many types of furnaces, so matter what type have keeping your home comfortable, you know that we can help you with it.

Gas Furnace Services: Installation, Repair, Maintenance

The most common type of furnace is the one that runs from natural gas. A gas furnace has a high heat output, but it also costs less to run than other systems because natural gas is an inexpensive fuel source. Schedule new installation, repair work, a replacement or routine inspections and tune–ups with us if you want a quality job done each time.

For Electric Furnace Services, Give Us a Call

Although electric furnaces do not have the same heating power as gas furnaces, they have other benefits to recommend them, such as lower installation costs and long lifespans. It only takes one call to us to get started with putting in a new furnace or getting services for your current electric furnace so that will keep it working for you.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Thousand Oaks, CA

Home comfort depends heavily on the quality of the air indoors: it’s more than just adjusting the temperature to suit everyone’s needs. If your air is stuffy or dry, or filled with contaminants, you can turn to AG Heating & Air Conditioning and let our indoor air quality experts solve the trouble. We install air purifiers, energy recovery ventilators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and much more. Talk to our specialists today, and they will assist you with finding the best way to cleanse and balance your air.

A Humidifier Will Solve Your Home’s Dry Air Problems

We often encounter problems with dry air in Southern California, which can lead to a sharper edge to cool temperatures, dry skin and eyes, dried–out sinuses and damage to wooden surfaces. A professionally installed whole–house humidifier will help you overcome all these problems, and enjoy a more comfortable home life. We offer installation and other services for humidifiers.

We Provide Air Purifier Services

If you are looking for a way to eliminate the smallest pollutants in your air that will often slip through standard filters, then one of your top options is an air purifier, a.k.a. an electronic air cleaner. With the assistance of our air quality specialists, you will have the right purifier to handle your home’s needs for better air.

If You Have High Humidity in Your House, We’ll Install a Dehumidifier

During the summer, you might encounter days with high humidity, and those can be extremely unpleasant. Controlling humidity takes more than just turning up the AC as high as it will go and wasting money. A dehumidifier installation integrates a device into your HVAC system that will remove the right amount of moisture from the air. Call us for more details.

More Services We Offer in Thousand Oaks, CA

AG Heating & Air Conditioning provides a wide range of services to cover many aspect of both home comfort and energy savings. Along with comprehensive air conditioning and heating services, our technicians work with improving and replacing insulation. If you are looking for ways to help cool down your home without putting pressure on the air conditioner, we can install attic fans as well as superb Quiet Cool whole–house fans. To find out more about our comfort services, call our office any day of the week.

We Have Insulation Services

Proper insulation is a vital part of maintaining both comfort and energy efficiency in a house. You may think of insulation as something primarily designed for cold weather, but insulation actually serves as a barrier against the movement of heat–and that means it will protect your home during soaring summer temperatures by keeping the heat outside. You can depend on us to install new insulation or improve home’s your current insulation.

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